Our Story 



The journey started as a God-breathed vision in late 2015 when I was traveling. Before moving to the Sunshine Coast, Australia, I grew up in South Africa. Since I can remember, I have always had a heart and love for the coast and coastal culture. Due to my love for the coast, God and community, I saw this vision as a way to bridge people to people and people to purpose. Wandering the earth for 18 years purposeless myself, my eyes were opened to a culture of people who also lacked purpose and a good platform for expression. 

A culture of purposeful living, inspiration, collaboration, and creativity was needed.

Being surrounded by talented surfers, skaters and creators, I began to see the potential to birth this vision and create a brand, and ultimately a culture, built on the foundation of purpose. The name A B I D E comes from the Bible and the key verse for the brand is found in John 15:5

“I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing”.

(‘fruit’ symbolizing your gifts and talents like surfing, skating and creating and your life) I believe that the fullness of purpose is found when abiding in our Creator. As we learn to abide, we find life and purpose, as our gifts and talents are displayed.

From 2015 until now, God has been pouring out vision and creating a family and culture that are exploring their creative abilities. A clothing brand has been established to support a purpose-driven lifestyle and to create a connection for community. As a brand, we believe that Creation is meant to be cared for. Because of this, we aim to create top quality, ethical clothing for everyday purposeful living.In March 2018 Abide was officially launched. The website and online store is now available for all. We still have the same vision and purpose – to live with, inspire and encourage a life of Purpose. This is only the beginning - Come on the journey with us.

Join the culture of  #peopleofpurpose


Come as you are: it does not matter what race, religion or ethnicity you are. We hope to inspire and encourage you to find your life’s true purpose.



Creator and Founder, Dan Ulyate.



“You were created to live for something greater”


Our Vision


Dan Ulyate

The man behind the brand.

Born in South Africa and now living on the Sunshine Coast, Aus. Dan is a surfer, skater and a creator with a purpose. Using Abide, he has the vision and heart to inspire and bring about change in the world. He has dreams of branching out and creating more than just a brand. With his belief and Foundation built on Jesus, he found his purpose Abiding in God.


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Also from South Africa and now living on the Sunshine Coast, Aus. Tammy loves a great coffee, being near the ocean and also fashion and design. She has a great eye for detail and is the one behind all the Abide woman's designs. She lives with purpose.


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Tammy Ulyate
Woman's Design
Ben Wolsley 

Benny is a lover of life, he was born to explore this wonderful world. His heart is to impact every life he comes in contact with and to challenge them to be a greater individual. He Abides in God and walks in purpose. Surfing, skating and creating music are his expressions of life. He lives in freedom and pursues love. Whatever he does, he does it for the glory of God. His Life is an ispiration.


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Josh Useldinger
Skate & Design

Josh is the biggest frother of life you will ever meet. Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, he spent most of his childhood at skate parks and amongst skate culture. Apart from skating he also has a love for fashion and gives us input and inspiration for the clothing we create. He has dreams of impacting the world and culture through skateboarding and ministry. Josh has purpose.


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Jarid Seymour
Video and Media 

Jarid is one of the most talented videographers and photographers we know, but also one of the most genuine guys all around. Most of the videos and photos we have were created by him. He lives to create and creates with purpose.


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