Created to Create collaboration (Abide x Okello)

Something truly beautiful happens when we believe in one another’s dreams. We lift another up before our own needs, the sudden rush to explore and create. What would it look like to be so moved by a dream? What would it look like if we were completely sold out on each other?  Lifting up, supporting, encouraging and going after the journey together, the endless pursuit. This is a story of Abide and our collaboration and support of a man. A man who has learnt to live purposefully and creatively amongst the oppression, limits and boundaries imposed by his country.  




Okello is a humble man, living out the purposes deeply created within him. Stricken by the limits within his own country and its people, Okello risked the pursuit of what it would

look like to pursue his purpose and the longings of his heart. His journey continues to be beautiful, messy, wild and needing deep faith and daily surrender.


Husband and respected village man, Okello inspires many to fulfil the deep whispers ingrained within our being. Overcoming the odds and achieving top 3 out of 700 tailoring students in East Africa, one can say that he is a very talented tailor. His soul lights up at opportunities to use his hands to freely create anything and finds himself frequently lost in the world of limitless learning and forming.


Living in a country under years of dictatorship, facing struggles and restrictions, Okello is testament. When we too begin rising above fear and odds, into faith, we can discover the immense freedom and beauty available in true purpose. Purpose which brings out good, restoration and unity into the world.




How myself and Abide fit into this man's story...


Okello came to know Abides' vision and mission; A culture created to equip and inspire a life of purpose. We spoke of what it would look like to raise our village up trusting and believing in pursuing the dreams deeply planted within. A world of beauty flowing in creativity, being the hands and feet of our Creator. Loving and creating is what we have been created for. Raising up the next generation to pursue and boldly go after the things that ignite their hearts. Going against the status-quo that suffocates so many hearts by us breathing in hope and encouragement. We have a reckless ambition to see the people thrive in their purposes.




At this, the creative process was ignited... 


We set out into a busy marketplace, met with other local artists and vendors who too were inspired by a life of purpose. Our mission, to connect with these people to purchase the necessary tools and cotton fabrics. We rode through the dusty red dirt roads that led us to a table of ideas and tools. Chalk, measuring tapes, a sewing machine and fine Ugandan cotton to name a few.


Okello spent the next few days fuelled by passion, belief and encouragement to create a new product. A tote bag, handmade with love and purpose for your every day. A stylish and necessary accessory, for carrying your belongings to the beach or paintbrushes to art class.




 Final words from Okello...


I hope to see people living out their purposes from one village to another and hope to inspire others that where you are born does not define your future, rather bloom where you are planted. Your past does not define the future and has no stronghold over you. Be the change and the vision within your community.


Cultivating a community of heart level success and eternal freedom to express and recreate boundlessly without the fear of failure. People encouraged by the journey and pursuit.  It’s long, it’s beautifully messy and an act of worship to freely live out the life we’ve been created for. A life of purpose, love, expression and of seeing people for who they are and what they have been created for.  


At Abide, we believe the change starts with you. Our heart is to inspire you to firstly see your life changed and from there, to support you to see life and lives around you changed. A percentage of proceeds of this collaboration goes straight to Okello, furthering and supporting his creative purpose.  


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A Created to Create collaboration 







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March 13, 2018

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Created to Create collaboration (Abide x Okello)

March 4, 2019

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